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The Revolutionary way of Marketing!

The use of electronic devices and the internet for marketing is what we call Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Agencies use digital channels like social media, email, search engines to connect people with your brand. It is the new form of marketing that focuses on the creation and sharing of digital content like text, photo or video through digital channels. Good engaging content combined with a good digital marketing strategy creates a positive digital presence in all of the digital channels. The main purpose of Digital Marketing is to bring visitors to your website or shopping portal using social media platform and search engine. With a strong positive digital presence, your brand or business will attract prospective customers to your website and generate conversions. Here are a few stats related to Digital Marketing.

Businesses that show up on the first page of results get 92% of consumer traffic.
68% of brands leverage digital marketing to promote their products and services.
42% of brands continue to use social media marketing as their primary form of digital marketing.
84% of people expect brands to create content.
71% of consumers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.
The average person consumes 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision.
61% of readers will make a purchase based on a blog’s recommendation.

The number of Internet users is increasing every day. Having a smartphone with an Internet connection is very common now. This has resulted in people spending more time on digital platforms, especially social media. But now with these statistics, it is clear these Digital channels certainly influence the buying decisions of customers. People tend to trust a brand or business when they see their social media presence. With a good engaging post, not only brands can improve their reputation but it also influences their customers to share them with their family and friends. Now the big problem with the traditional marketing means was that it would appeal to the masses irrespective of their interest in the product. This resulted in lower conversion rates despite the huge investment of money. But on the other hand in digital marketing, you can target a group of people who are much more interested in your product and appeal to them. This leads to higher conversion rates compared to the traditional approach of marketing. With the help of a digital marketing consultant take your brand to the next level and avail these 5 benefits.

Reap 5 benefits of Digital Marketing

1. Reach Your True Audience.

Digital marketing has a huge significance when it comes to reaching a particular audience. Only with Digital Marketing you can target and reach a group of people with a particular demographic or geographic or psychological attribute. This way you only attract the customers who are more interested in your products or services. This results in high-quality lead generation and more conversions while saving time and resources. The smaller group of customers you target the better reach you get as a result.

2. Generate Leads Globally

Digital marketing gives your brand or business the global edge. Google has a 92% share of the search engine market. This clearly states that people around the globe use Google to search for things online. Any website that can be searched through google can be seen by people around the world. There are billions of people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. consuming content from different parts of the world. With good engaging content, your brand will get exposure on a global level. More traffic equals more leads. Digital Marketing empowers your business to compete globally.

3. Get Well-Known in your Industry

May it be a brand or may it be a business, both need popularity. Even if your business or brand has a superior product or service people just don’t know about it. Fame is a huge factor that not only influences customers but also gives you a strong voice in the industry. The more followers you have the more your voice as a brand gets prominent. After a certain level of popularity, your brand will start getting collaboration requests from other brands and famous personalities. This will boost your brand’s recognition and it will generate even more value.

4. Build Trust and Authority.

Trust is an important part of building customer relationships. One of the important ways you can add trust and authority to your brand is by making engaging content. 71% of people get irritated after reading or watching a content that sounds more like a sales pitch. People like more knowledgeable content with a personal touch. These type of engaging content helps you increase your brand’s reputation and adds authority to your brand’s voice. Along with building trust and authority, when people find good content the first thing they do is that they share it with others. So it boosts your brand’s reach as well.

5. Analyse results and move ahead.

Analytics play a huge role in identifying what works and what doesn’t. Only by studying analytics in detail you can measure the returns from different strategies. Not only that analytics play a significant role in planning and forecasting. In digital marketing, you have access to a lot of statistics and analytics from website visits, profile visits, time of visits to detailed demographics of the visitors, lead generation and conversions. With the help of these analytics, you can clearly see whether your digital marketing strategy is working or not.

Important Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a broad term used to include all Digital Marketing services. All our important digital marketing services are listed here.

i) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a Digital Marketing service in which social media accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest are created to connect people with your brand. Content with images, videos and text are posted on a fixed interval monthly. Also, different social media strategies are used for each social media channel to ensure equal growth across all the platforms. Social Media marketing is one of the digital marketing services that increase popularity, generate sales and give a personal touch to Brands. Social media marketing also helps in Search Engine Optimisation for websites.

ii) Video Marketing

In Video Marketing, Videos are posted on the biggest video marketing platform i.e. YouTube. Youtube videos create a lot of engagement and in the long run, can generate a huge amount of traffic. These videos can be further promoted and repurposed for other platforms like social media, website, as well as for advertisements. Creating Youtube content takes a little time but it is well worth the effort. Youtube videos build trust, increase your brand’s reach, gives your brand identity.

iii) Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation is a branch of Social Media marketing that primarily deals with increasing social media visibility in current social media accounts. If you already have social media content and social media channels through we social media optimisation we optimise these contents so that they gain more visibility and engagement. Social Media Optimisation is a dynamic process and is unique for each Social media channel. Social Media optimisation is a new digital marketing service that evolved after social media channels became a popular source for getting traffic for brands and businesses.

iV) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy that primarily focuses on generating huge amount of website visits through google search results. It has two parts On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. In On-page search engine optimisation, webpages are optimised so that they rank on Google Search results. This includes researching appropriate keywords and using those keywords as a base to optimise the various elements of that page. It also includes fixing technical issues that prevent websites from getting indexed with search engines. In Off-page Search Engine Optimisation, various strategies that indirectly affect the website ranking. Maintaining social media accounts for a website can highly impact the search engine optimisation by adding more authority to the domain. With the combination of both Onpage and Offpage SEO, your search engine traffic will skyrocket.

V) Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is a form of paid advertising which is done on Digital Platforms. With the paid promotion, your reach will be increased massively and you will be charged based on the number of clicks your website generates. PPC Ad campaign cost highly depends on the cost per click (CPC) of a given keyword you want to target. There are few strategies to ensure a high amount of paid traffic at a minimal cost. It is an inorganic method of marketing that guarantees results.


1. Deciding Online Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy depends on your brand. Having the right digital marketing strategy that suits your business will help you get the best results. To decide the Digital Marketing strategy most appropriate for your brand/business there are a few steps. To know more click here


Market Survey - The first step in deciding your online marketing strategy is Market Survey. Through a market survey, your target group of customers can be identified. Not only that market survey also helps you to measure the competition in the market.

Brand Positioning - The next step after the Market survey is to decide what you want your customers to feel about your brand. You have to decide about the values you want to promote. Brand positioning is very crucial for building your own unique image separate from your competitors.

Selection of platforms - After deciding your brand positioning you have to think how you want to reach your customers. This basically means the selection of digital channels you want to use for targeting your audience. This depends entirely on which platforms your potential customers are using the most.

Keyword Research - The final step is Keyword Research. A keyword is basically a search term used by people to search for particular things. By using these keywords, you will become visible to your customers on different platforms. The better keywords you choose, the higher your reach. These Keywords can be used across various platforms.

2. Designing the visual identity of your brand

One of the key visual assets of your brand is a Logo. A logo helps to create a long-lasting impression in the customer’s mind. While designing the logo, it is important that the logo should represent your brand’s values while giving a clear idea of your business. After the finalisation of the logo, the next step is the creation of digital profiles for your brand on all the different digital channels as per the Digital Marketing strategy. Like creating a website, Facebook account, Instagram account, Twitter account etc. as per requirement. These profiles will be viewed by your potential customers so each digital channel should reflect your brand image clearly.

3. Implementation of Strategy

Once all the necessary profiles and digital assets are created, it is time to create content for these digital channels. Articles with images and videos accompanied with text are created for the different digital platforms representing your brand’s voice. These articles are then optimised for a search engine or social media, depending on where it's being posted so that it can reach a specific audience. After creation and optimisation, articles are then published on digital platforms at pre-decided intervals as per the digital marketing strategy. All the engagement metrics are recorded and used to make adjustments in the digital marketing strategy if required.

4. Maintenance

Like every marketing activity, digital marketing is a continuous process. Firstly it takes time to establish your digital presence and to grow a fan following. Once your digital identity is established you need to constantly update it by posting content so you can reach a bigger audience. Secondly, the entire process of digital marketing is very dynamic. It has to be adjusted according to the recent changes and updates in digital platforms. Proper analysis of the digital marketing strategy can be done only when it has been implemented for a long period.